Holiday Entitlements ::

Holiday entitlements are earned from the day you begin work.
Your minimum annual leave entitlement is 4 working weeks paid annual leave per leave year. However, annual leave is accrued based on time worked by the employee. Full-time employees earn one week of paid annual leave for every three months worked. Employees who work 1365 hours in any given leave year have earned their full four week annual leave entitlement at that point, except if it is a leave year in which the employee changes employment.

If you work part-time, you are entitled to annual leave consisting of 8% of all the hours you work, subject to a maximum of 4 working weeks in the leave year.

Employees are also entitled to nine public holidays during the year, in respect of which your employer may choose to give you one of the following four options:
  • a paid day off on the day, or;
  • a paid day off within a month, or;
  • an extra day of paid annual leave, or;
  • an extra day's pay.
Minimum Rest Times/Breaks
  • 11 consecutive hours rest per 24 hour period;
  • one period of 24 hours rest per week, preceded by a daily rest period (11 hours);
  • 15 minutes where more than four and a half hours have been worked; 30 minutes where more than six hours have been worked which may include the first break;
  • Shop employees who work more than six hours and whose hours of work include 11.30am - 2.30pm are entitled to a one-hour consecutive break that must occur during those hours.
Sunday Work
You are entitled to an extra payment or paid time off in lieu for Sunday work.
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